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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 23, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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time for what i need to know. tracy. >> a study showed that we spent $54 million to pay for first class tickets for u.n. employees. what? i don't fly first class. i don't. shut the u.n. down, stop funding it. we need more aptds in manhattan. >> we spend a lot of the u.n. budget from the u.s. taxpayer. wayne, what's your one more thing? >> well, i like aon. a long time holding, very good in a recovering economy, look at that. >> what do they do? >> they make air conditioning equipment and that's why -- and in a modular way so it can be expanded when you're in a commercial air conditioning you can add units to it along the way.
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>> what about ann? >> it's not one i'm looking at now. in fact, i'm looking at these banks and there is talk of them collapsing in cyprus. many are doing well like in japan. japan's banks collapsed but it was 20 years ago. nom nomoro is strong. this is one that i own and i think it should be in your portfolio. >> what about u.s. banks? do we kind of made them very whole over the last couple years. >> and they are strong, bank of america not too far off from its high. financials here or abroad, maybe cyprus but not here at home. >> we'll leave it there. and here is a story you need to know. a girl scout troop getting pranked, someone ordering 6,000 boxes of the cookies totaling 24 grand. it was a scam and the girls were left with unsold cookies. americans are coming to the rescue buying around 4,000 boxes
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last saturday and you can help them get the last laugh today so if you are in the portland area buy some cookies. the address on the screen. otherwise check out the website girl scoutsosw. that's it for us. we'll see you next week. >> bob: hello, i'm bob beckel with andrea tantaros, eric bolling, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> bob: i told you i wasn't going to let up on cb s. it meant it. today, "the five" reached out again to ceo les munoz and producer brukehiimer and again they refused to apologize. they wouldn't even comment on the disgrace i'm calling for
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them to apologize for sending reality show contestant to wreckage of b-52 bomber shot down in hanoi. greg told us about the story wednesday. >> teams must make their way to the b-52 memorial. site of wreckage of a b-52 bomber and where they find there. >> this is a double u-turn. >> bob: "the amazing race" episode, broadcast communist propaganda. i spoke today with senator john mccain. it was 40 years ago last week he returned to vietnam after being p.o.w. for five years. he says regardless of how this happens, cbs owes veterans an apology. eric, assume you agree with senator mccain. >> eric: on this i do agree with senator mccain. can i give this back to you? you have been on this.
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greg brought the story. this is resonating. on twitter, my twitter feet lit up after the show. i never got more tweets. more response to how proud they were of you. >> bob: dana taught me how to do a hashtag last night and it blew up after that. >> dana: glad we can share that moment. >> bob: in the -- freddie in the past, hashtag meant something else to you. >> bob: it did. why? why do they not say i'm sorry? >> dana: it's partly because of the fox news syndrome that greg talked about. if fox news brinks it up, it's crazy black helicopter conspiracy. they don't realize, somebody should have been helping them get out of their way. greg didn't come up with the story op its own. there was a vietnam vet e-mailed him -- what, sunday night? >> greg: he e-mailed me and he was polite.
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he said i'm watching this. this is kind of weird. >> bob: this is how you found out about it? >> dana: from a viewer. >> greg: i took the e-mail and forwarded it to the producer. this is crazy. he made a point. are there going to be three legged races in gettysburg? he had good humor but it bothered him. >> bob: for sure. what do you think? do you agree because it's fox? how can you be that stupid and insensitive? >> andrea: that this has grown bigger than fox news. this is a lot of viewers that are upset with this. i don't know if they are tone deaf and think it will blow over and ride it out? the first rule when you step in you-know-what, fix it. clarify, apologize and move on. this is getting bigger.
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they haven't stopped the bleeding. i don't think this is going away. this is getting bigger. freddie i think this is about age. they think the average age of the vietnam vet is over the mid-60s at this point. generally the shows now are run by emasculated metrosexuals chasing mentality of a 16-year-old girl. they don't care about anything over 55. they don't. >> bob: i spoke also today to the commander of the american legion. who sent a letter to cbs demanding an apology. they have 2.5 million vets they represent. he wants to tell cbs none of them will be watching that show again and wanted to thank by the way, "the five" for bringing this forward. this is a poignant discussion. it opposed vietnam. he said i followed your career and i know you did but you've done the right thing here. i got emotional in the end of
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our conversation. this guy was a vietnam vetera veteran. he felt this against the core of his being. >> eric: i hate boycotts. the better thing is man up and apologize. if you -- i have been there first hand doing this. i misspoke. they should apologize. they can run something at the end of one of the shows. hey, sorry for the insensitivity to the vietnam vet or all americans for that matter. karl rove had something to say. he has a message that will appear later on greta. this is a message. >> god bless bob beckel for standing up on this issue. this was tone death, insensitive, callus and stupid for cbs to do this. they allow themselves to insult every vietnam era and the family and those who
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cherish the memory of someone lost in the conflict by doing this. i cannot imagine what idiot producer cbs did this. bob was right to stand up and do this. >> eric: can't two times i agree with mccain and karl rove in the one show. >> dana: my worlds are colliding. >> andrea: all of us agree with bob. >> dana: the guy says it's a double u-turn. it's a double mistake. having contestant goes there in the first place. is ignorant or willful. now you add a triple mistake, because instead of saying we meant no offense, and we will be more sensitive in the future. we would never talk about it again. now prime time shows are covering it. i manual iraqi and war vets who will stand with the vietnam veterans saying we'll
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stand with them. this could happen to us in the future. we want people to know the sacrifice was and fought for freedoms and what the country asked them to do. >> greg: the producers think ho chi minh is sushi and p.o.w. is a new song by one direction. we have a location that americans died. the first to recognize and refuse participation punches the producer in the face. >> dana: wouldn't it be great if one of the contestants came forward and said you know what? i didn't know, or i'm ashamed or i apologize. >> andrea: the producers, at first we talk this up to -- chalk this up to a producer who doesn't know better and executive who does know bette better. but this does appear that they know better. that is upsetting. people aren't taught the le sop of history.
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that is why it is about fox. this is not about fox news or the viewers. this is about the veterans who made the sacrifices and the atrocities and the evil. you know what? i'm not sure a lot of people understand it. now they do. they have no excuse. executives can't say we didn't know. we weren't sure. they know they choose to not say anything. that's upsetting. >> eric: i don't think it's about fox. brukeheimer has been around and he knows what is going on. i don't think he is partisan. he is a guy who blew it. this is more about character. character meaning brukeheemer or munoz, one of you should stand up and say we blew it. we're sorry. but do they have the character to do it? >> bob: i got thousands of tweets. dana got me turned on this. 99% of them is favorable which
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is opposite of what it normally is. >> greg: don't get used to it. >> bob: you made a good point, you think it is possible they made a decision their audience is younger. not vietnam connected. this was fine to go ahead with it? >> greg: if anyone noticed it, the assumption is the audience is too passive. distracted. this operates under this is the big deal. this is how they look at it. there is no many outlets of the opinion. they're antimilitary and anti-americanism. we have come to accept. they could have gone to vietnam. they could have scripted the show differently. they could have said we know
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what happened here. we are not for this. we are for freedom. you know, they could have made it -- please forgive me, it's a banned phrase, teachable moment. >> greg: is it a banned phrase. >> bob: sorry. >> andrea: don't you think that old -- even if older veterans or older viewers are hearing about this story, they are talking about it to with the younger generation. it's permeating and getting larger and i hope they ride it out over the weekend and it will go away. >> dana: we could find up vets to go up against the contestant of "the amazing race" to see who would win. >> bob: i am so absorbed in this. i get madder believe it or not, every minute. if i said this before, excuse me. but vietnam defineed by generation. it was the defining moment. not just the 150,000 vietnam veterans but the generation of the baby movers. painful experience for everybody.
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you could have said vietnam almost ripped america apart. maybe this is not the place to go a bring memories of that back up. so, i'm sorry. go ahead. >> greg: i haven't heard a single person, not even cbs on twit they're says, it's not that big of a deal. this is weird. nobody is defending it. >> andrea: silence has never been louder, i think. by not saying anything. they are screaming they endorse this, or they know they screw up. which is it? >> bob: how did they get away with it? >> eric: did they? we contacted them three times. up with time they said no comment. is that not a comment in and of itself. >> bob: yeah. isn't no comment indietable statement? >> dana: yeah. it's showing the hand. if it's national security related. you can say no comment. we'll get back to you later. but this is basically shut up,
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bob. >> bob: i have heard that before. we'd like to know your thoughts on the issue with cbs. should cbs apologize to vietnam vets? go to and vote in our poll. we'll let you have a chance to send it to cbs a message what about you think. so far, 3,000 of you have taken the poll. overwhelmingly something like 3,000 said apologize. and 50 said don't. coming up, nbc makes tens of millions of dollars from "tonight show" franchise. what new -- what would new york need -- why would -- sorry. i'm not used to opening this. why would new york need to subsidize a move to the big apple? eric will talk about that next. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ kate ] many women may not be absorbing the calcium they take
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♪ ♪ >> eric: late night war
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heating up. jay taking shots at nbc. watch. >> y'all excited about march madness? [ applause ] people talk what about's in, who's out, who is going to be eliminated. that is just here at nbc. >> i have never been in the paper this much. it's fap tastic. >> the news "the tonight show" is courted by new york state. first i was like so what? but lot of state offer tax inaccepttive to intyce business to the state and i'm for lower taxes. then i broke down the numbers. new york state is offering tax credit, not simply tax deductions. estimated at or near 24 a year. i can say the taxpayers of new york would not only not collect any taxes from the "tonight show" they will toll out steps of millions in
2:20 pm
subsidiaries to nbc. we ask, was nbc, fallon and the crew of rich fat cats need that money? >> bob: are you asking me that question? >> eric: yes. >> bob: sorry. let me -- >> eric: here is the crux of the question. >> bob: i got it. i got it. >> eric: give them free money. >> eric: i don't understand that the states that entice people to production like michigan, is it that they lose money? or don't make money? this is what happens. we give you $24 million but the economic activity that you bring when you come to the city, make up for it that way. >> dana: i think this screams need for tax reform. this is so warped that for cuomo can't get his arms around the fracking issue. issuing the time regulations or whatever law they need.
2:21 pm
so they build in the money to bring them more money. that they are handing over the nbc. this is a huge screaming cry, this does benefit the rich. this is a great understand. freddie you know i run a talk show in the basement call "don't bother escaping." i bring in the shuffle, the goggles. >> dana: you work hard. >> greg: i don't get a tax break. >> andrea: but this says you have to have a live studio audience. >> greg: they're only alive for a while. [ laughter ] >> andrea: i was going say the voices in your head. that was better. >> eric: two years ago, g.e., 2010, didn't pay any taxes. they hardly pay -- on a percentage it's insane how little taxes they pay.
2:22 pm
new york won't make any money on this deal. >> andrea: they might dole out money. dozen ossafetys do this. they pay no taxes, they owe, they owe less than the credit they're getting. they are making money off the back of the taxpayers. they make an energy they like. we like green energy so we'll take it from the taxpayers and give it to the rich. the third point, if i could make it, this is passed because of some lookbyist somewhere. you can get what you want if you're connected enough. this is a specific law and tailored to jimmy fallon. >> bob: they are building a studio for tax revenue. you pay revenue and you have to hire people that hire
2:23 pm
people to build it. >> dana: it evens out. >> eric: here is what they estimate the "tonight show" expense , production expenses. $80 million. they get 30% cut off that number. in the form of credit, right, $24 million is going go to them, whether they owe taxes or not. the revenue last year was $150 million or so. if you take the number as $8 or $9 million in tax liability, $24 million in tax credit, we pay them $19 million in refund. >> dana: why do they think it's a good idea? why would new york want it? >> eric: we called cuomo's office this afternoon. >> andrea: they favor the hollywood film industry. if you look at the money that new york spends to sponsor film credit and the films in the city it's the same amount, eric, you said $24 million. that could hire 5,000 public school teachers.
2:24 pm
it upsets both sides. freddie i prefer the movies. the biggest part of the tax credit thing, if you make, as long as you make a joke about republicans you get the rebate. if you make a joke about obama you get audited. >> dana: the lobbyist have a weird thing he wanted a studio audience. that is a requirement to get the tax credit. >> andrea: we are a tv show and we don't have a live studio audience. two people sitting there, related to me but i don't see us getting a carve-out. >> bob: you bet ber careful, greg. you going to be audited. >> eric: live studio audience for a week. >> bob: i don't know. >> eric: that is my pitch. next. president obama -- didn't you say we weren't going to say "president obama" today? president obama promised to shut down gitmo and that didn't happen. now he may want to turn it in
2:25 pm
to club med for terrorists. details coming up. ♪ ♪ what's droid-endurance ? the longest 4g lte battery in a razr thin profile. with 32 hours of battery life that turns an all-nighter, into a two-nighter. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-endurance. droid-powerful.
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with google now, it automatically knows when you need to leave for the airport, how much traffic there is, and can have your boarding pass ready. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-smart. droid-powerful. ♪ ♪ >> dana: when you are getting ready to close down a property, do you think it's a good idea to put $150 million of renovation in to it? guantanamo bay, the american taxpayers' least favorite money pit is getting a facelift. lawyers say conditions are threatening their lives and they are calling for $150 million to upgrade the facility and make it nicer for them so the 166 prisoners left
2:30 pm
there could have a better facility. what do you think? >> andrea: this seems like an awful lot of money. they also already put in a soccer field for them for $250,000. what they are asking in this plan is one example. $9.9 million for a legal meeting come flex. i went on e-mail just to google metal buildings to see how much one would cost, it should haven't to be glorious for them. it niece the caribbean, you don't have to heat it. look at the picture of this building. you can get one of these for $9,000 on ebay. there is a whole bunch of them. >> greg: i have that. >> dana: pro bono lawyers are down there having to sweat a little bit. >> andrea: this is a lot of money. mold removal. i mean ammonia? that's what i use in my bathroom. this is excessive. the reason why is the president has been in a holding pattern on this issue. he can't decide whether to open it, keep it open, close
2:31 pm
it. >> dana: there is a hunger strike with 5 detape knees and some are fed by a feeding tube because they have been on a hunger strike. what they were mad about is president obama didn't talk about them in the "state of the union." he didn't say and reiterate he wants to close gitmo so they decided to have a hunger strike. >> bob: are you kidding me? >> dana: i'm serious. >> bob: my wife spent that much money on the house to get ready to sale it. my ex-wife. nice lady. if you try them down there, slow process you told me. if you bring them back here. you have read them miranda rights. >> dana: not going to happen. >> bob: so the host countries won't take them. what do you do? >> dana: president obama promised to close it but then
2:32 pm
reality hit. and the other reason they need to upgrade it, some of the prisoners now that they have been there ten or 11 years need geriatric care. freddie they need more shuffleboard. >> dana: bingo hall. >> greg: this is the island of lost terrorists. remember island of lost toys? island of lost terrorists. where do you put them. for president obama, gitmo is the employee you can't stand but you can't live without. it's finally come down, rea realizing that maybe i was too hard over bush over this. >> dana: they haven't added prisoners because of the drone policy. it means we haven't been bringing them to gitmo to get intel, because we basically just get rid of them. if you break down the number, $150 million. one reason it's expensive is everything costs more. >> greg: try to flip it.
2:33 pm
>> eric: what do you do, you leave them there and you don't offer them soccer fields and volleyball courts. you let it -- they're terrorists. enemy combat tant. you have don't make it easier for them. you make it harder for them. head an idea. instead of upgrading for $150 million. divide by the open our white house. $74,000 a week. it comes to 40 years of white house tours. make it a resort for the terrorists. >> greg: buy so it the kids can tour gitmo. >> dana: take "the amazing race" to gitmo. they could learn. freddie if cbs did that, they would condemn gitmo. >> dana: you know it would
2:34 pm
be push's fault. can i defend the department of defense or one issue. part of the request is to help our troops down there having to make sure the people have all they need and care they need. if they need help on that end, i can see putting money in the failsy -- facility. i don't think i'd do much to make them comfortable. >> andrea: there are good things on here. one takes the interrogation. that helps the intelligence officials. >> dana: a lot of guys are past their info sell-by date. they don't have active intelligence now. >> bob: juror yacht rick side of it -- geriatric side of it. i myself use geriatric stuff. >> dana: did you see what happened on "justified"? this is a fascinating topic. thank you so much.
2:35 pm
freddie well on the. >> dana: you don't want to miss the next one. sex week at a public university is taken off the tab for the taxpayers. if you thought your money wasn't squandered wait until you hear what is on the schedule. greg has the te tails next. ♪ ♪ ♪ the kyocera torque lets you hear and be heard, even in stupid loud places. to prove it, we set up our call center right here... [ chirp ] all good? [ chirp ] getty up. call me! seriously, this is really happening! [ cellphone rings ] hello? it's a giant helicopter ma'am. [ male announcer ] get it done [ chirp ] with the ultraugged kyocera torque, only from sprint direct connect. buy one get four free for your business.
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ebel was killed by texas police thursday. paroled from a colorado prison. police say the bullet casing from the shootout are the same caliber and brand as those found at the murder scene of tom clements. he led colorado's corrections department. he was shot and killed at his
2:40 pm
front door on tuesday night. one of the biggest powerball jackpots ever is up for grabs. a whopping $320 million. it is the sixth largest payout in history. no one has won the jackpot since last month and it keeps on growing. tickets are reportedly flying out the doors. odds of winning are one in 175 million. the six lucky numbers will be drawn tonight just before 10:00 p.m. eastern time. i'm heather childers. now back to "the five". >> still the college is allowing up to seven grand to student
2:41 pm
fees to help pay for this. mom and dad are the ones getting screwed. stuff like this is introduced on campus not to inform anyone, but to blow your minds with the organize organizers. you aren't shocking anyone but people like me who find people like you naked nauseating. this to upset the stives by creating a facade of rebellion where there is none. this is college. real rebellion is watching fox news. or by -- when it comes to sexual practices, the people whoua paraded around most with always the worst at it. meanwhile the people who talk least about sex, they're the pros. anyone who thinks that having sex is an achievement must beie easily impressed by squirrels. also be pretty lousy at it. wouldn't it be better if they haddn seminars focusing on realf work, offering a employmentlo skills that provide a benefit? but given that unemployment in
2:42 pm
young grads is around 25%, maybe sex week can be considered job prep. sadly work the streets may be your only option left. >> she thought you wereg: makina pun. >> i wasn't making a pun. >> let's try this.nd >> i'll go to you first. good decision on the part, andrea, of the school sponsoring this thing? >> yes. i don't think they had a chance because a group of tennessee lawmakers basically cameup out w said, we're going to fund this university and threatened them to take away money. so they had to go this route. a i think -- do colleges need a sex week? isn't every week sex week at colleges? isn't that the problem? >> maybe antisex week? relax for a while. w study! >> greg, i am a little intrigued by one course which we can
2:43 pm
mention called bow chick a wow wow. >> i've done that before. >> i don't know. but it doesn't sound like it will help you get a job. >> it's actually not going to get you any job in the future. eric, you got a son, three years away from >> given your monologue, no comment. [ laughter ] >> you paying attention? bob, look, i think what they were doing is after they realized the funding would get cut, they went after private p donation. got planned parenthood to give donations. seems like we're making a lot of hay out of not much. there are a lot of things that people -- kids do at college, lot of things they talk about ao college that everyone isn't necessarily going to agree on. this is one. frankly, i think it's frivolous and stupid. >> can you imagine if you're a mom and dad and saved your wholi life in order to put your kid through college and this is what they come back with and when they're done, they come back and live in your basement and can be
2:44 pm
on your health care untilr they're 26 and on your cell upon plan and run up your itunesl plan. >> bob, i want to say we're on national tv and we're talking about this. >> i appreciate the warning.ob >> at 5:00 o'clock. >> inng somewhat of the defensef this. >> of course. >> first of all, i will say this, the people whoseco organid these things are always the ugliest people you can imagine. but i don't think the part about the healthon side of sex and the down side of health problems that youth get is such a bad thg to teach. what's wrong with that? >> bob, this isn't exactly what i would call a health seminar. okay? they had a bondage expert coming in to teach s and m. we could do multiple stories of this every day. the point is people aren't saving, they're going into debt over this! >> is that why you don't get involved in it? >> can we clarify this? >> yeah.
2:45 pm
>> especially -- yes. is this after hours? >> i don't know. but if it's student fees, who cares? it's still the money the parents are spending. >> i'm sure there is some islamic studies that i personally wouldn't want my sono involved with either. but they have a right to do it. >> i went to a very boring college. >> yes, you did. >> i loved learn ago lot. >> look where you ended up. come, what's gog happen to kids if they start dating too young and how young is too young to date anyway? there are too many jokes here that i cannot say right now. five" answers those. questions next. [ female announcer ] total effects user kim scott still looks amazing. but with kids growing up fast, fighting seven signs of aging gets harder. introducing total effects moisturizer plus serum. for the ninety-two practices, two proms, and one driving test yet to come. she'll need our most concentrated
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♪ ♪ >> kids are dating younger and younger these days. phil collins. don't hurry love. and a new study from the university of georgia says children who datrge in middle school are four times more likely to drop out and twice as likely to drink and smoke pot. i asked some folks in new york
2:50 pm
city what they thought how young is too young for that first date? >> i would say high school. >> 15, 16. >> 13. >> if you're going to tell them not to, they'll do it any way. >> i think 16m is a great numbe. >> i think they should wait. >> is middle school too young?fr >> yes. they have boyfriends at 12 and 13. >> do you think d it's different for girls than boys?>> >> absolutely. >> you you should watch theow girls closer. >> how old were you? >> november before i turned 16. it was really good looking. he was greek. >> greeks ar.e good looking! >> you have a little girl. hooow old will she be when you t her date a boy one on one? >> to go out alone, 16. to beon alone in my house, neve. [ laughter ] >> all right. so this study also said that middle school age kids who werel dating earlier were also prone to depression and other issues
2:51 pm
that performance -- bad performance in school. what do you think, bob. you have a buy and a girl -- boy and girl in teenage years. >> for the first eight years of their life, i told my daughter she could start dating when she was 25. then finally she came when she was about 13 and seld, the rest -- said the rest of my friends can diet date at 16. i dated early. >> often. >> and often. [ laughter ] >> still do. >> i'm a walking proof that this poll and survey is right. i think, frankly, 16 is probably a gotta cutoff area. look, they have sleepovers with boys and girls. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> a young age now. first of all, what parent would allow young kids to sleep over like l that, seems they have lel problems. >> eric, off young son. do you let him sleep over with his h girlfriend or boyfriend? >> i'm saying hurry love. hurry up. my 14-year-old, every friday and saturday night, i got eight boys in my basement until
2:52 pm
4:00 o'clock in the morning. >> me, too! >> that was a set-up for you! they're in my basement with pizzas and x box. find a girlfriend, will you buddy. >> i just am surprised, i didn'e think anyone went on dates anymore. it's just like hang out, hook up. i watch that girls show, i know what goes on now. [ laughter ] k >> how old were you -- >> did you say hook up?er >> well, probably 15 or 16, i would imagine, because we lived1 in a fairly rural area in colorado. so everybody hadn cars. so that's -- that's how you got place. >> remember who your first date was? >> no. not really. >> must have left an impression. >> how about you, greg. >> the age i of my first girlfriend was 15. the worst influence for girls are boys. that's why parents and siblings are extremely important because they're the guardian angels that make sure you don't make stupidm
2:53 pm
mistakes. women have -- young girls have to be like the terminator. remember he would w walk in, the wade -- women have to be able to flesh out creeps creeps and gho. don't date older guys until you're old enough. >> how old were you when you dated? >> never trust a guy that's 25 dating a 15-year-old. >> i wasn'tye allowed to date 'l i was 1. they said i could double date at 16 and then they changed the rule when i was 16. my sister is watching the show in the audience. we had such a strict dad. he would hang up on guys when they would call. so i would ask them to come visit me in the restaurant. but i thanked him fori actuallyn parents today for that because m think this study is right on point. at the time i didn't understand it and i was angry that i couldn't do what the other girls were doing. but i think it teaches you a good lesson and i do think there
2:54 pm
is a point about heartbreak. younger girls get their hearts broken and they don't focus on school. girls who get dumped in eighth grade and they face plant ons their mom's living room to "i can't live without you". >> my son's first date came to the house. her. curfew is at 12:00 o'clock. if she's here at 12:01, you're dead. he got the point. got in 15 minutes early. >> parents, keep an eye on your kids. one more thing is up next. [ watch ticking ] [ engine revs ] come in.
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♪ . time for one more thing. i'm going -- when we started today, the number of people voted on our poll on the cbs, should they apologize, was 3,000. now the numbers are 9300 say yes.s. 86 say no. continue to voto.e and go to our page to vote which is the five fnc. l vote and let cbs executives know how stupid they are. day in -- dana?
2:59 pm
>> my friend was the longest white house serving photographer and hrie has a new book coming o in advance of president bush's o library opening. he was a r photo journalist and then he did the thing that you would like, he asked for the job on a rope line and president bush said yeah. so he's got all these amazingme photographs called "front row seat." >> you showed up again like that, hard to believe this is a paperback. it's sove tiny. [ laughter ] >> then there is a picture of him on the back. it has lots of pictures in here for all you 43 fans. you want one? >> yes. >> all right. andrea? >> so this video that's a couple years olds that gone viral. it's very, very funny. take a look at two-year-old chase. it looks like his parents have been busy educating him on past u.s. >> what does ronald reagan say? >> mr. gorbachev, tear that wal